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Incredible typography ideal for publishing fields. It works very well in massive texts.

The need for writers even after movable type can be understood as a function of the time that it took to set type. While a book was a large production, and the amount of time justified the many copies, some writing did not need to be editioned in large quantities, and although lengthy in its text, would not justify the time needed for setting type. Legal and business uses demaned a type like fight_this. And one other profession benefitted from the practice of constantly drawing letters - the typographer, or type designer.

fight_this surprises to us to have elements of the modern writing without losing the classic bases. The result is elegant and familiar without finding sources similar to her. A unique style

fight_this is a type of the future since it is such a big change. Perhaps the single most successful type change of the 20th Century was the widespread use of this font for text in advertising. The types, there is a clear sense that instead of letters looking different from each other, they look like they all belong to a same class. Design has made each letter as important as every other letter. If you think about it, this makes reading a sort of word-processing that a reader does as they scan a page smoothly.

The typography fight_this has its grace as well as a magnificent artisan beauty.

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